Besides the fact that I am terrifyingly reminded of at least 5 bullies from High School just by looking at this thing; The Hulker is just a nasty Zombie to fight. I remember in the olden days... Anyway, the first time I had to take one of these on I needed a hire and 5 health packs. They get tamer as the game goes on however and are a little easier to beat. Your first encounter is a mission where you have to kill 5 of them and then from then on it's bragging rights... Kill a Hulker, get fame points. As far as I know, and this is just grapevines talking, the Hulker is an ex-pro wrestler who wanted pro wrestling to be a little bit too real... But a soft spot in his, alarmingly, enlarged heart made him stop to help a 6 year old girl pick up, what he thought were, marbles... Turns out they were eyes and that little 6 year old ankle biter, well, bit this big ol' troll's ankle. And he went from pro-wrestler to Nasty McGee over the next few minutes.