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The Loyalists got mad they lost the American revolution I'll bet...

Zombie Loyalist

It was a faithful 4th of July. All of a sudden, a new kind of zombie appeared out of the blue. They had fireworks attacked to their skin, blood stains on their coats and wigs attached to their flesh-eating heads. They are the Zombie Loyalists.

Zombie Loyalists are holiday zombies that typically appear only on the week of the 4th of July. Like the American revolution, these British, unpatriotic zombies must be eliminated. After all, we wouldn't want the fireworks attached to their bodies to go off, would we?

They are known for dropping the mega Fireworks - a hunting item that gives 25% attack to the user and if you beat one (JUST ONE) Zombie Loyalist on the 4th of July, or by the holiday deadline, you would get the Patriot Title. Wear it proudly, you are now a Patriot.

Credit goes to PSC Player Chaos Dracos for the picture and the description